Timely, first-class advice

When it comes to disputes, clients need swift and cost-effective remedies. They need the peace of mind which comes from working alongside someone with a thorough, incisive understanding of the law – someone who will strive to avoid costly and stressful court cases.

Early advice from a barrister can help clients focus on the important issues and consider not only the legal rights and remedies, but also commercial solutions to what may seem like intractable problems.

Robert Temmink is not only highly-trained in written and oral advocacy, he can also advise on the strengths and weaknesses of a case before it reaches court, saving time and money. With his considerable experience across a number of legal sectors, he can help find a solution from what appears to be a maze of problems.

A high proportion of the cases Robert handles are resolved without the need for an expensive trial.
If formal proceedings are unavoidable, however, his acknowledged skills as an advocate – whether in submissions to a judge or in cross-examination of witnesses – can make a big difference to the outcome of a case.

Next Steps

If you need advice on a legal problem or need representation, simply email or call Robert on
+44 207 583 4444 with the brief details. At no charge, he can advise you on the options available and the next steps to consider.