Conflicts in the workplace can hamper an organisation’s ability to operate and even lead to legal action. As an experienced mediator, Robert Temmink can minimise disruption by providing compromise solutions, coaching, counselling or outplacement services.

If issues are not addressed, relationships can be soured and positions can become entrenched. As an experienced mediator, Robert Temmink can help prevent a potential conflict turning into a problem by:

  • Independently assessing the dispute
  • Seeking mutually-beneficial solutions
  • Minimising damage to reputations
  • Avoiding disputes and litigation
  • Ensuring confidentiality is respected


Robert and his colleagues have wide-ranging experience across many industries, giving them the insight to offer a tailored approach to workplace problems.

Able to address issues such as professional competency, discrimination, harassment, conflict, and confidential information/intellectual property, he can also deliver coaching, outplacement and counselling services.

Next Steps

If you need advice on a legal problem or need representation, simply email or call Robert on
+44 207 583 4444 with the brief details. At no charge, he can advise you on the options available and the next steps to consider.