Managing a challenging workload can be both costly and stressful. With his in-depth experience across a diverse range of legal areas, Robert Temmink can help get your caseload back on track quickly and economically.

An interim counsel working in a solicitors’ office can:

  • Check procedural steps and note limitations
  • Advise on the merits of available documents
  • Advise on tactics and strategy
  • Deal with correspondence to fast-track cases
  • Draft Requests for Information or Statements of Case
  • Draw-up a ‘what needs to be done next’ checklist

For in-house legal departments, an interim counsel can:

  • Assess legal issues which might be about to arise
  • Plan for future legal events, such as breach of contract, dismissal, or redundancy
  • Handle correspondence in an attempt to avoid litigation
  • Write board-level reports on issues I’m dealing with


A challenging workload is not only stressful, dealing with it can be expensive. It might require taking on extra staff, paying search fees to an agency, or training people up to take on new tasks

That’s where an interim counsel can help. As they are legal experts and used to working with other lawyers, interim counsel can make an immediate contribution to the team, without undermining existing employees.

Robert Temmink has the experience necessary to quickly get to grips with a case load and make a major impact quickly and effectively. With his in-depth commercial experience, Robert is able to provide practical answers, rather than vague guidance. In addition, his transparent charging structure and option to work on or off-site ensures a flexible service to suit client needs.

Next Steps

If you need advice on a legal problem or need representation, simply email or call Robert on
+44 207 583 4444 with brief details. At no charge, he can advise you on the options available and the next steps to consider.