Mediation is a proven method of finding an amicable, cheaper solution to a dispute between two or more parties. Often, it ends in a settlement being found which pleases all sides.

As a trained mediator accredited with the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Group, Robert Temmink can either act as a mediator himself, or advise clients through the mediation process.


  • Mediation is private and confidential
  • It is typically voluntary and consensual
  • It means the parties retain control over their dispute
  • It can find solutions which a judge would not be able to order
  • Non-binding up to the point of agreement
  • It helps maintain a positive relationship between the parties
  • Much quicker and more cost-effective than legal action

Next Steps

If you need advice on a legal problem or need representation, simply email or call Robert on
+44 207 583 4444 with brief details. At no charge, he can advise you on the options available and the next steps to consider.